Warning! This bar sparks joy!

Why FitFix?

We at FitFix are on a mission to create joyful snacking moments. Our bars are boosted using functional ingredients, superfoods and adaptogens to satisfy your every snacking need. We obsess over using only the best, all natural ingredients; not a trace of preservatives; 100% plant-based protein without any artificial mambo-jambo. Our bars are proudly handmade (with love) and you can be at ease knowing that along with the insanely decadent taste you are also truly nourishing your body.

Make mindless snacking a thing of the past.

Get your "Fix"!

Founder - FitFix

"I have 3 boys and my middle son needs to have a very clean diet due to a medical condition. I am very particular about what snacks I let my kids have. So nice to have finally found a great tasting snack that has great clean ingredients."


"OMG! I smashed one on the way home. UNREAL!"


"I have never eaten a bar that tastes this damn good. Its the perfect guilt-free treat. I cant stop at just one."


"They are seriously addictive. I have to hide them from my husband."


"My picky 8 year old loves the Almond Fudge bar. Its an absolute win-win situation. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful protein bar"