Peanut Butter

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Made with crunchy peanuts, fired with 12g of plant based protein and infused with the adaptogenic goodness of Maca - our bars are simply melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Feel good about what you eat knowing that our Peanut Butter bars are made with all natural gluten-free ingredients, no preservatives and dairy-free. Real food as nature intended. 

The perfect “Fix” to “Fit” your life.

What is in a Peanut Butter bar?

Pea Protein Powder
Oat Flour
Maca Powder
Cocoa Powder
Real Dark Chocolate
Sea Salt


Since we do not use any preservatives, fillers or anything else artificial; we recommend refrigerating the bars to maintain their optimum freshness. Our bars are good for up to 40 days refrigerated and 10-14 days on the go.  

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